Youth MOVE Staff

Kyle Reece- Youth Coordinator

Having had lived experience in the foster care system, Residential Treatment Facility, and Mental Health System, Kyle brings an authentic voice to his role as Youth Coordinator. Kyle is responsible for all things related to Youth MOVE NC, including setting up meetings, acting as an Adult Advisor, and providing Technical Assistance to Local Youth MOVE Chapters across the state. He also represents  Youth MOVE at State and Local Collaboratives, and advocates for the needs and interests of Youth MOVE NC! 

Phone: 336-395-8828 Ext. 106

Lacy Flintall- Youth Transition Director

As a Youth MOVE alumnus and as an intern with North Carolina Families United, Lacy Flintall, Youth Transition Director, has developed and maintained a passion for assisting youth as they transition through systems into adulthood. In his role as the Youth Transition Director, Lacy supports our Youth Coordinator with adult advising of the statewide chapter Youth Move North Carolina and is the staff lead facilitator of RENEW, the High-Fidelity Wraparound Transition model.

Phone: 336-395-8828 Ext. 105

Gail Cormier- Executive Director NCFU

Phone: 336-395-8828 Ext. 101

For almost 30 years, Mrs. Cormier, Executive Director of North Carolina Families United has been a devout supporter for youth and families struggling with mental health issues. Mrs. Cormier is charged with personnel development within the family organization, business management and providing technical assistance to family organizations throughout the state of North Carolina. Her responsibility is also to address the growth and sustainability of families in decision-making roles as well as supporting parent peers across the state.  Mrs. Cormier has always believed in emerging adults transition issues. She is the co-founder of the RENEW high fidelity care coordination wraparound model.

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