Statewide vs. Local Chapters

Youth MOVE North Carolina has two types of chapters. Firstly, there is the Statewide Chapter, housed under North Carolina Families United. The Statewide Chapter consists of youth who advocate at the state and National level for the needs of youth in North Carolina. This included providing trainings, speaking at conferences, meeting with state representatives, and participating in stakeholder meetings across the state.

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There are also the Local Chapters within North Carolina. We rely heavily on local chapters to be our eyes and ears at the community level as we work on fulfilling Youth M.O.V.E's mission and vision. We live in a vast and widespread State, with 100 counties and many regions. In order to reach people and make positive changes in local communities, we need a large collection of chapters to support and carry on that work! 

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Local Chapters are Youth Led and require an adult supporter. While the Youth Move North Carolina Staff are here to support these Local Chapters, they are to be led and run by local youth and adult supporters. Although Local Chapters are affiliated with Youth Move National and must follow their guidelines in order to maintain status as an official Youth MOVE Chapter, Youth MOVE North Carolina has no other requirements. Local Chapters are in essence their own chapter, and while Youth MOVE North Carolina is always here to provide technical support and assistance, Local Chapters are represented by local individuals. 

How do I start a Local Chapter?

Becoming A Local Youth MOVE Chapter has many benefits, including Technical Support from both Youth MOVE National as well as Youth MOVE North Carolina. Youth MOVE NC also offers opportunities to connect with Young Adults across the state, participate in Leadership Series offered by NC Families United, network with State and Local Officials, and access to resources and opportunities across the state. 

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To become a Local Chapter, we suggest checking out this downloadable checklist from Youth MOVE National, available HERE. This will give you an idea of what is needed to start the process. You can also contact us at Youth MOVE NC, and we offer guidance and Technical Assistance in achieving those goals. We also offer the opportunity for us to meet face to face with your youth/ adult advisors, and go through futures planning.

If you are ready to start a Local Chapter, or if you have further questions, feel free to contact us. You can find our contact info HERE. If you want more info on Youth MOVE National, click HERE. We certainly hope you will consider partnering with Youth MOVE NC, but please note that by becoming a local chapter of Youth MOVE NC, Youth MOVE North Carolina will remain a separate organization and chapter of Youth MOVE National. Your Chapter will NOT be under Youth MOVE NC in any way, and we have no control or guidance over your group. While we offer free TA and support, we will NOT be apart of your chapter, or vice-versa. For more clarification on that important detail, please feel free to contact us!

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